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Speech and Language consultations utilizing developmental models provided to families and school districts. Services can support a range of areas including but not limited to:


  • Supporting the development of a whole child program

  • Coaching parents, caregivers and siblings

  • Supporting families that are attempting to determine best models to utilize for their child

  • Assessing current programming to evaluate and develop goals and program planning

Home Programming


Home programming support can be provided in a variety of ways. My primary goals are:


  • Provide families with an option to create a developmental home program supporting their child’s individual profile, language capacities and whole child development.


  • Support families in understanding and utilizing developmental models to build capacities for regulating, engaging, interacting, playing, learning and thinking.


  • Support families in integrating developmental strategies and supports naturally into the child’s daily routines.


  • Offer a wide range of services to meet the child and family’s needs for home programming ranging from developing, guiding and monitoring through parent and floortime workers reports to being an integral component of the services.




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