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I am a licensed Speech Language Pathologist with 34 years of experience working with infants, toddlers, children, adolescents and their parents.  I have worked in private practice for over 35 years working primarily with children diagnosed with Developmental Delay, Language Disorders and Autistic Spectrum and Related Disorders.  I offer a range of services to support children and families including consultations, assessments, coaching, individual treatment, in-home program development and team trainings. 


My goal is to support children in engaging, interacting, communicating and playing.  Relationships between the parent(s) and child is honored and supported within the treatment model.  Treatment sessions are tailored to the child’s developmental level, parent goals and learning style and therapeutic plan. 


Additionally, I am a co-founder of Soaring Eagle Academy, an Illinois State Board of Education approved school serving students 5 through 21 years of age with autism and related disorders.  Currently, within the Academy I serve as an Expert Clinician and Trainer supporting staff and students in learning and growing within the DIR and Developmental Language Model.  I have a wide range of experience training and presenting in both the DIR and Developmental Language Models to families, school districts and conference participants.



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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What occurs in a session? 

  • How long is a typical speech language therapy session? 

  • Is insurance accepted? 

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